About the Losness Group

Losness Group has specialized in the acquisition and sales of apartment buildings since 2006. The Losness Group has had over $200,000,000 in transactions and is highly knowledgeable and respectable in the apartment field. The Losness Group is a full service commercial brokerage firm specializing in apartment brokerage. The Management team members are apartment specialists with a proven record of improving clients portfolio's and are dedicated to providing expert guidance through every step of the real estate transaction. Their specialization in the local apartment economy creates unparalleled expertise. They are committed to continually assisting their clients real estate investment needs, visions, and goals, and applying our resources to meet those requirements.


The founders of Redwood Coast Acquisitions have over 30 years experience specializing in the sale and acquisition of multi-family real estate. The founders have thrived in the highly aggressive and competitive Silicon Valley market for over 10 years. Surviving through the market collapse in 2008, the parent company of RCA has proven that its specialization and skill in the apartment market is unparalleled. They have brokered over 200 million in multi-family sales in their careers and continue to demand a strong market share in the local market.

Underwriting and Evaluation of the Asset

Losness Group, the parent company of Redwood Coast Acquisitions (RCA), has over 10 year's experience in the evaluation and underwriting of apartment buildings. They are well versed at deciphering the complex bookkeeping of any apartment asset. Primary evaluations are based on assessing the value of the asset through CAP Rates, Gross Rent Multipliers, Cost per Unit, Cost per Sq. Ft., Sales Comparables and Return on Investment (ROI). Secondary evaluations are conducted on future value of the asset through capital improvement, rental increases, tenant improvement, asset repositioning and reduction of costs. The combinations of the primary and secondary evaluations give us a strong idea of the properties current performance versus the properties future performance. The goal is to increase revenue during the holding period while simultaneously creating larger equity holdings.